Green Street Studios

This summer I found a great place to take a dance class- Green Street Studios.  Like most establishments on Green Street, the outside looks super sketchy but it’s what on the inside that counts.  The class I take is a solid 2-hour class but it’s so worth it!  It’s a mix of modern and jazz and I’m finally learning Luigi jazz technique!

One thing I love about modern dance is the complete connection you can make with your body and mind to the art form.  When I go to this class and wait for the music to begin,  I lay down and let my spine really connect with the floor.  It’s something so simple but it feels good to sink in.  So often at work I’m leaning forward in my chair, watching the computer screen.  The intense pace of the work I do makes me lean in closer to the neon abyss.  Allowing myself to sink in to the Marley brings me back to reality.  I give myself a few leg swings and feel my toes connect from top to bottom.  Ahhhh, dance!


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