Love in New England



Since I’ve been a bit cranky lately and since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I would post about what I love about living in New England.  Even sans cheri I have always enjoyed Valentine’s Day because it is just so cozy in the middle of winter.  Here are some things that might warm your hearts!

5) Ocean Drive in Newport, RI

If you are ever feeling stressed or just want beautiful scenery to quaff like a tall glass of lemonade on a sticky August day, take a drive down Ocean Drive.  Not only are the houses impossibly enormous but the views of the ocean are so calming.  We’re not talking a California Coastal Highway type view but a more approachable one.  It has become a must-do whenever I have the occasion to visit Newport, 

4) Picco in Boston’s South End

It’s too bad that I don’t live closer to the South End so I can visit one of my favorite Boston restaurants more.  Just give me a margherita pizza, a glass of Malbec, and some homemade cinnamon ice cream and I’m set!  I also love how the menu will change slightly each season.  So many tempting items to choose from!  Make sure you go in off hours or endure the long wait. 

3) The Adult Non-Professional Dance Scene

Boston does a great job of providing opportunities for adults who have danced all of (or most of) their lives to continue performing even if they did not choose dance as a professional career.  From Urbanity to Jeannette Neill to DanceWorks to OnStage and so many studios in between, there really are many more options that a lot of major US cities. 

2) The Number 1 Bus

While I have a love/hate relationship with the MBTA, the number 1 bus is quite the gem.  It can take a person all the way from Harvard Square, down Mass Ave to Central Square, across the bridge into Boston, with stops in Back Bay for walking, Newbury Street for shopping, the Boston Symphony Orchestra for some culture, and the South End for some eating and strolling.  Yes it gets crowded at Hynes Convention Center but really, this bus has such a diversity of stops and riders, it can keep you entertained for hours!

1) All my friends and mon cheri

Of course I have to be mushy here and say how much I enjoy the people of New England most of all!  Even though most of them aren’t even from NE, we still enjoy living and working in this little section of the country.  Whether supporting our friend at open mic night at the Lizard Lounge, taking a coffee break at the Newton Corner Starbucks, or watching Juan Pablo as the Bachelor, we always have a good time.  And how else would I get to know the lovely little town of Smithfield, RI? ; )