Winter Doldrums

Dear Winter,

If it weren’t for your lovely snow-encrusted trees and thick, juicy snowflakes I’d be planning my move to Florida just about now. I’m tired of galloping down Galen Street in an attempt to not slip on the icy walkways while still trying to arrive to work on time. I’ve sick of the slushy puddles that invade every corner. And I’m done with my neighbors “forgetting” to take out the trash week after week (oh, wait that is another post)!!!

I need something to get me out of the winter doldrums and that something is this amazing dress from Bottega Veneta.   I saw it on the back cover of the WSJ magazine this weekend and fell in love.   So chic, so simple, oure perfection! Fashion- curing winter doldrums since 1948.

Winter Doldrums


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