Scents and the City

Cue theme music: dat dat da da da da dum

Sorry, readers, this post isn’t about those types of adventures!  No, we’re talking scents and the city.

A trip to France will delight the senses for sure and Paris especially is full of smells to make your nostrils tingle.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Diptyque (34 boulevard saint germain)


Diptyque is the Louis Vuitton of candles.  My favorite- feu de bois.  This candle smells exactly as the name suggests, like a smokey, woody evening.  This candle perfectly evokes those evenings in the fall when your neighbors are burning their logs and you’re outside in your snuggly sweatshirt.  Although some candles come off a bit too sweet, this one is 100% sugar-free.  On your next trip, you must stop by 34 boulevard saint germain to visit the original location and learn to smell the candles comme il faut    (dump the candle onto a stiff mini pillow and smell the bottom of the container).



Yes, going to Paris requires inhaling smoke.  When I’m in the US, there seems to be two types of cigarette smoke- the kind that reminds me of waiting in line at Geagua Lake amusement park circa 1993 and the kind that reminds me of France.  Which do you think I prefer?




Preservation exists in the museums that house ancient sculptures and works of art.  It exists in 12th century churches that make you wonder, humans made this?  It’s a cool smell, a mix of musk and new house.  It’s the reason Americans are in awe of the European countryside, so thick with history.  The scent of preservation is subtle but it’s yet another way to delight in the City of Lights.


One thought on “Scents and the City

  1. Tell me more . . . I enjoyed going to the candle shop with you! I’m not a museum person, but I’d go to at least one in Paris. The smoke, of any kind . . . ummm . . . gonna pass on that.

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