The Hidden Gems of a Hidden Gem

Many people consider Central Square a hidden gem in and of itself.  While many who visit Boston go to the Harborside, Public Garden, or Harvard Square, many miss another lively part of Cambridge, Central Square.  And even for those “in the know”, there are plenty of places to visit there that you might not think of.  Check it out…

Instead of getting sweaty at Prana Power Yoga, swim some laps at the public pool of Cambridgeport

poolNestled right on the Charles River, not many people know about this lovely freebie.  On a hot day, find yourself across the street from the Trader Joe’s/Starbuck’s/Microcenter plaza and take a dip!  Open from 11-7 during the high summer months (read: late June to early September) the public pool is a refreshing and relaxing way to spend a day.

Instead of taking dance class at the Dance Complex, head over to Green Street Studios


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really enjoy classes at GSS.  The studios are large and the price is right ($15 for 2 hours of quality jazz instruction!).  The Dance Complex has some great things going for it but I say Green Street Studios is not to be missed if you enjoy a sweaty dance class!

Instead of spending your night at Phoenix Landing, pick up a lobster and cook it yourself at Alive and Kickin’ Lobsters


Sure, a night out is in the cards every now and then but if you really want to get fancy, pick up a fresh lobster in this tiny neighborhood seafood store.  They sell lobsters year round and learning how to make one should be a “must” for any New England resident. 

Finally, the neighborhood of Cambridgeport in Central Square is also worth a stroll one afternoon or evening.  Crazy vine-covered houses are mixed with updated two-deckers and tucked away parks that make you long to be a kid again.  What hidden gems will you find? 


One thought on “The Hidden Gems of a Hidden Gem

  1. I love when you take everyone exploring with you. If it isn’t culinary delights, it’s discovering hidden gems like these . . . all good to know and refer to if ever in the vicinity. Keep exploring my little Marco Polo!

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