Goodbye, 70/70A

This week was Unofficial Moving Day in Boston and like many others, I have moved. Moving means a lot of things and one of them is changing your commuter route. Sadly, I am no longer taking the 70 bus to and from work. While this is generally a good thing (goodbye Western Ave construction!), there will be some characters on the bus I will miss.


 busJuice Box Girl– Always looking ready with her music note bookbag and Apple and Eve juice box, you can tell this one is always prepared for a day at work. She was the one I saw most often outside of the bus (Whole Foods, the JFK Library). She also had a surprising temper as I remember several times where she yelled ferociously at the bus driver for skipping her stop (the bus was too full) after she had waited 20 minutes for the bus in the first place.

Loud Girl– Friends (and possible co-workers?) with Juice Box Girl. She seemed nice enough but her voice was a few decibels too loud for a morning bus ride.

Crazy Prof– I think this guy taught at Brandeis but I was never able to find out for sure. Definitely the professor type with seriously thin and crazy hair, glasses, disheveled clothing, and always a physics or math paper in hand. I also saw him once in the red line at the Central Square stop but he was headed toward Harvard when I was heading downtown.

Fashionable Guy and Girl– Not everyone in Boston has awesome style but this two had IT. They were unrelated to each other but when I saw either of them I couldn’t wait to see what they were wearing! Fashionable Guy always got off at my stop and he wore slim-cut suits and carried a very smart briefcase. Fashionable girl made rain gear and lunch bags look like the hottest things off the runway. Seriously, one day she was wearing impeccably perfect ankle Hunter rainboots with a classic Kate Spade bag. She carried a just-the-right-size umbrella and even her lunch bag looked designer and desirable. Her lines are clean and modern and her hair was coiffed to match. I’ll miss those two fashion plates.

Buttermilk– Boston’s scariest bus driver. He typically drove the 7:45 route to Waltham and made sure he had a breakfast -of -champions carton of fresh buttermilk with him in the morning. Yes, folks, straight buttermilk from the carton. Lips to cardboard while putting the pedal to the metal and make you go flying at every stop. Ah, Buttermilk.

I can’t wait to see what crazy characters will be on my next route!


One thought on “Goodbye, 70/70A

  1. Love reading about your former traveling companions. Whether we admit it or not, I think most of us do make these observations about people around us. Did you find that you started wondering about them if they failed to be on the bus? Looking forward to your observations on the new people on your new route.

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